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Cliff Meiers was a sort of patron to our scout troop and had taken us under his wing. Cliff had a way of giving life lessons to young impressionable boys. While his language did not inspire imitation, at least to our parents, some of his pithy methods of getting a message across resounded with the younger crowd. On one of our many “scout hikes” at Cliff’s “Trails End Camp” (a sign at the entrance proclaimed it so, and a ways down the lane was a sign on the outhouse indicating, “Tails End”), Cliff was cooking breakfast for everyone on the wood stove in the outdoor kitchen. Not only were some 25 or so scouts present, but also the leaders and fathers who drove the boys down there. One poor father stepped up to put in his order and Cliff said in his gruff, gravelly voice, “How do you want your eggs?” The dad said, “It doesn't matter”. So Cliff handed him two eggs right out of the carton. The dad laughed and said, “Well, I'd like them cooked” and Cliff said, “If it doesn't matter, that's it, move on you indecisive SOB.” The dad never did get his eggs cooked, but it was a lesson to those of us in the line. Sometimes you have to make decisions and not be wishy-washy or you're likely to not get anything.

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