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  The Land


by Walter Beineke

Walt grew up in Indianapolis...

with a cadre of friends and was very active in Boy Scouts where his love of the outdoors developed. He earned a BS in Forestry from Purdue in 1960 and after grad school at Duke and North Carolina State, returned to Purdue for a 34- year tenure on the faculty in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources.

The book is an often humorous, sometimes poignant view the author's life and the connections among the people who developed Purdue #1 black walnut, the first tree patented for timber uses and the philosophy behind it. Anecdotes concerning dendrology, summer camps, conclaves, teaching assistants, various forestry organizations and even squirrels are included for your amusement. See if you or someone you know is included as a victim or perpetrator and any of these stories.
(Names were often withheld to protect the not so innocent.)
© 2011 Walter Beineke
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